Monolithic Cycles

Owner/Artist: Torian Starnes


The monolith is not natural. It is built, manmade, its straight edges and perfectly flat surfaces resemble nothing in nature, could only be machined. Thus does it stand out, capture the eye, turn heads, by displaying the strength and power of human potential. I want riders to feel that strength and that power when riding one of my bikes.


Growing up around a machine shop, it was only a matter of time before my love of bikes crossed paths with my creative vision and skill at metal work. A hobby was born a little over five years ago when I customized my first bike, a 1979 Honda CX500 that soon morphed into the XIII Cafe Racer featured in the Galleries section. I was surprised at the amount of positive feedback it garnered; even hardcore Harley riders were taken by it because it reminded them of their first bike.  


The bike wasn’t flashy nor expensive to build, and through the process I was able to discover a place for myself and my passion between the impractical subjectivity of art and the rugged functionality of motorcycles, a place where I could weld and fabricate and machine something useful, but also something creative, something beautiful, something badass. That passion soon morphed as well, into Monolithic Cycles.